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You can find us on  
97.6 FM  and 101.4 FM!

Welcome, listeners of Costa Blanca Radio!

As the name suggests, Costa Blanca Radio is broadscast, in principle, throughout the Spanish Costa Blanca. The reception however is ocasionally a bit restricted by the very mountains.
Costa Blanca Radio is originally a Dutch-language channel, but obviously we aim to offer pleasant music to all inhabitants of the Costa Blanca.

You can listen to our station from Alicante to Gandia, for the insiders the Marina Baja (Benidorm) to the Marina Alta (Denia). CBR is broadcast in the Marina Alta on 97.6 FM and in the Marina Baja on 101.4 FM.

The initiators of CBR are Erik de Zwart and Rick van Velthuysen, significant names in the Dutch music business.
Rick van Velthuysen is responsible for the choice of music where he focuses on the target group of 9 to 90 years. A formula that is not an easy task, but is nonetheless succesful considering the numerous messages we receive form not only the Dutch-speaking, but also the Spaniards, Germans and Englishmen who have their residency here. The catchy tunes of ocasionally totally forgotten singles, let people often think back to “the good old days”.

CBR is available 24/7 on 97.6 FM and 101.4 FM, occasionally interrupted by advertisements. But the pleasure of listening is our first priority. Right now we only play music and don’t do any news and weather reports.
Once back in their homeland our listeners can keep listening to our station via the media player on this website or via TuneIn.

If you have questions about programming or advertising, please fill out the contact form.

We wish you a lot of fun listening to our station!