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Advertising on Costa Blanca Radio will work for you too!

Mediums such as radio-, TV-, and internet advertising work very well with multiple repetitions. Studies show that a message has to be heard or seen at least 5 to 8 times before it is remembered. For printed media, the reader determines whether they give a message their attention.

Radio is more compelling: your message is frequently heard and gets all the attention because it is the only message that is being received in that moment.

Radio advertisement has an additional powerful advantage. Because there are no images on the radio, the listener will use his or her own imagination and there is no more powerful or better means of selling than the human imagination. The listener hears your message and forms an image … an image that ensures that your message is remember better than any other way!

Is advertising on Costa Blanca Radio expensive?

 No, of course not!

For the same price of 1 single ad in a monthly or weekly magazine, you can already advertise a full week on Costa Blanca Radio, and sometimes we have offers that you can’t pass up!

Costa Blanca Radio focuses on a diverse group of listeners who live active lives. With just 2  editions on the Costa Blanca, you will always reach your potential customers immediately:

– Radio Costa Blanca North FM 97.6

– Radio Costa Blanca South  FM 101.5

Our account managers aren’t just “ad sellers” but real specialists in their field of expertise: radio advertising! We do not think in budgets but in concepts: creative solutions that generate a greater return for your budget. We don’t just ‘walk in, score and walk away’ but take our time for our customers and provide tailor-made solutions. Which is also why we are proud that more than 80% of our customers have booked or extended a new campaign after their initial advertising campaign on Costa Blanca Radio!

Do you also want to see your sales increase by 9 to 29%?

Please contact us by filling in the form or call +34 659 169 527.