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The reduction of the IVA (VAT) on certain basic foodstuffs, in the fight against inflation, has not prevented prices from rising significantly. This is evident from a study by consumer association FACUA. It requires the Ministry of Consumer Affairs to open an investigation that will result in fines for companies that inflate their profit margins. […]

Residents of Pedreguer are doing well. They recycle more than double the national average. In addition, they recycle a third more than the European Union’s target for 2025. The reason is the initially controversial door-to-door collection service. Residents and owners of commercial properties in Pedreguer have a range of colored bins to match those of […]

The Partido Popular won the Spanish parliamentary election. The party won 136 seats. That is less than the forecast of 145 to 150 seats, but a gain of 47 seats. Alberto Nuñes Feijóo’s party now has 89 seats in parliament. When 99.3 percent of the votes had been counted, it became clear that the centre-right […]

Want to know more about living in Spain? Or do you live in Spain but would you like to move and buy or sell a house? Costa Blanca Radio presenter Rene Visschers talks to Chris Solomon from Home Espana, who tells you all the details you need to know. This conversation is in English. Are […]

Agents of the Spanish National Police have rounded up a dangerous and violent criminal organization, specializing in violent robberies of drug smugglers. The gang operated in the provinces of Alicante, Albacete, Murcia and Granada. The gang had their home base in Alicante and Elche. The gang is distinguished by their large amount of experience, use […]

Half of Spain loves the show, the other half hates it. The best-known and at the same time most controversial program on Spanish television, Sálvame, is coming to an end. Television channel Telecinco, which has been broadcasting the program for 14 years, is ending ‘telebasura’, garbage TV, the name for the genre of which Sálvame […]

Mia Nicolai & Dion Cooper, the Dutch Eurovision Song Contest entry, failed to secure a place in the final with the song Burning Daylight. Croatia, Moldova, Switzerland, Finland, the Czech Republic, Israel, Portugal, Sweden, Serbia and Norway succeeded. The second semifinal will take place on Thursday, in which Gustaph will play for Belgium with the […]

Spain is preparing for the necessary water restrictions in the coming period. Spain has 1.2 million swimming pools, equivalent to one for every 37 inhabitants. While public pools are unlikely to face water restrictions, some parts of the country already have restrictions on private pools in people’s homes. Much of Spain is currently in the […]

Are you traveling with Transavia to or from Spain soon? Between today (Wednesday may 3rd) and Sunday, the airline will cancel 42 flights to and from Southern Europe. It concerns 21 return flights, which depart from and to Schiphol and the airports of Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Transavia does not want to say how many travelers […]

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