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Spanish Prime Minister in Valencia to launch a recovery plan against Covid-19 securities

The Spanish Prime Minister chose Valencia to launch his ‘Recovery, Transition and Resilience Plan’ and as the starting point for his tour of the autonomous regions. With the plan, the government wants to get Spain out of the recession caused by the corona virus. The launch event was held in the City of Arts and […]


“Spain cannot charge taxes if it is forbidden to make money”

Thousands of bars and restaurants in Spain have to close their doors or their survival is no longer certain after the tightened measures of the government that will continue to collect tax money from this affected group of entrepreneurs. The monthly self-employed premium to be paid, the quarterly sales tax and the wage tax, everything […]


Alicante: more than 600 kilometers of mountain routes digitally recorded

The mountains of Alicante are home to many beautiful routes. Thanks to a project of the University of Alicante, everyone can now discover the hidden gems. More than 600 kilometers of mountain routes have been digitally recorded. The University of Alicante (UA) launched the project “Sendero de Gran Recorrido de la Montaña de Alicante”. This […]

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Costa Blanca Radio ReQuest

Hét verzoekplatenprogramma van de Costa Blanca

Welcome, Costa Blanca Radio Audience!

As the name suggests, Costa Blanca Radio broadcasts, in principle, throughout the entire Spanish Costa Blanca.

However the reception is occasionally obstructed by the mountains. Costa Blanca Radio is originally a Dutch-language station, but obviously our aim is to offer an enjoyable music experience to all nationalities living on the Costa Blanca.

You can listen to our station from Alicante to Gandia, which for the permanent residents is from  Marina Baja (Benidorm) to Marina Alta (Denia). CBR is broadcast in the Marina Alta on 97.6 FM and in the Marina Baja on 101.4 FM.

The founders of CBR are Erik de Zwart and Rick van Velthuysen, significant names within the Dutch music business.

Rick van Velthuysen is responsible for the music selection which is specifically compiled for everybody from 9 to 90 years old; which is not an easy task! Yet his success is evident in the fact that not only the Dutch listeners tune in to CBR, but judging from the countless messages we receive, so do many Spanish listeners, as well as German and UK expats. The fact that we play many catchy tunes of singles you might not have heard in a long time, gives people a good feeling and lets them remember “the good old days”.

You can listen to CBR 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on 97.6 FM and 101.5 FM, with an occasionally break for advertisements. Yet our first priority is always an enjoyable listening experience.

For those of you who miss listening to us when you are no longer on the Costa Blanca, you can keep listening to our music by tuning into CBR through the media player on this website or via TuneIn.

If you have questions about programming or advertising, please fill out the contact form.

We wish you a lot of fun listening to our station!


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