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Mobility in Valencian Community is approaching pre-outbreak levels of corona pandemic

Written by on 8 April 2021

Mobility in the Valencian Community is approaching pre-outbreak levels of the corona pandemic. It seems that in the Valencian Community at least both Spaniards and expats are getting a boost from the declining Covid numbers to gain access to shops, bars and restaurants in recent weeks. According to the latest local mobility report that Google obtained using the geolocation on mobile phones, more people have been moving into the Valencian Community since March, after the region virtually came to a halt in February during the third wave of the corona pandemic. .

The new information also revealed that more people in Valencia have returned to their physical workplace compared to Madrid and Catalonia, where more people still work from home. Alicante is the region in Valencia that has seen the smallest increase in mobility overall. The transport stations in Alicante have 23 percent fewer passengers than before the outbreak of the pandemic compared to those in the province of Valencia, which are used by 12 percent fewer users than in January 2020. Interestingly, the research shows that the use of parks was up 23 percent compared to before the pandemic, while mobility to retail and hospitality declined only 21 percent despite capacity constraints and early closures.

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