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The Partido Popular won the Spanish parliamentary election. The party won 136 seats. That is less than the forecast of 145 to 150 seats, but a gain of 47 seats. Alberto Nuñes Feijóo’s party now has 89 seats in parliament. When 99.3 percent of the votes had been counted, it became clear that the centre-right […]

Spain is preparing for the necessary water restrictions in the coming period. Spain has 1.2 million swimming pools, equivalent to one for every 37 inhabitants. While public pools are unlikely to face water restrictions, some parts of the country already have restrictions on private pools in people’s homes. Much of Spain is currently in the […]

Are you traveling with Transavia to or from Spain soon? Between today (Wednesday may 3rd) and Sunday, the airline will cancel 42 flights to and from Southern Europe. It concerns 21 return flights, which depart from and to Schiphol and the airports of Rotterdam and Eindhoven. Transavia does not want to say how many travelers […]

Costa Blanca Radio is Costa Blanca’s number 1 FeelGood station. With daily news updates in Dutch and English and always the greatest hits & Classics. Listen to Costa Blanca Radio for your favorite music all day long. Javea 97.6 FM Benidorm 101.5FM Or take us with you, wherever you go. For Android:… For Apple […]

Piet Versteeg organizes various soapstone workshops during the winter months. The key question is of course: ‘what is a soapstone?’. You can hear the answer in the conversation Rene Visschers had with Piet in the Costa Blanca Radio Morning Show (in Dutch).

In Benidorm a commotion has arisen about radar systems. This happened after the installation of radar speed equipment at nine locations in Benidorm. The equipment is expected to go into operation on Monday. The core of the controversy is that residents question the timing. The city council of Benidorm is suspected by many residents of […]

El Corte Inglés has given the green light for the first mass layoff in its history. The department stores plan is to formally begin collective redundancies from the first week of March and try to reach an agreement with staff over the next three weeks. Between 3,000 and 3,500 people are likely to lose their […]

The national police in Benidorm has arrested a fugitive man. A European arrest warrant had been issued against the suspect, filed by the Italian authorities for theft involving explosives and arms trafficking. The arrested man is accused of being one of the leaders of an organization specializing in robbing ATMs using explosives. The group is […]